Investigations in black and grey, 2015

The making of ...

little investigations. In between the big woven works I weave these small studies to test variations in weaving techniques, form and colour.


Investigation in black and grey is a series of four small woven works of 43 x 35 cm, the sequel to the Investigations in colour I made in 2012. This series is mainly about perspective and creating depth and is executed in black and gray so as not to be distracted by colour.

The warp is black wool and petrol cotton, the weft several colours of grey wool. All four are designed on eight shafts.


Modern residential blocks and industrial heritage is my source of inspiration.

Investigation number 5

Investigation number 5, the first one of series two is about perspective and creating depth with multiple horizons and vanishing points. From left to right the rectangles become smaller and they are placed a little bit higher so that they appear further away.

The colour of the weft is light grey.



Buildings, Riley in Metz 2012, handwoven, weaving

Investigation number 6

Something like number 5 but the rectangles shrink faster from left to right and remain at the same horizontal level. From bottom to top the weft colour becomes darker.

Investigation number 7

Totally different from number 5 and 6 because all the rectangles have one shared vanishing point, instead of three seperate ones like in the previous two works.

The vanishing point is in the middle, as are the darker weft colours. This work suggests a lot more depth.

Investigation number 8

The reverse of number 7 yields two vanishing points which is an optical illusion. Again the rectangles in the distance are darker grey.

This work also suggests a lot more depth, whilst the perspective is not realistic.

All four works

All four works stretched on a wooden framework. Finished with a custom-sawn and black-painted floater frame.

From left to right the progress in freedom of form and depth.