Gradual transitions in black-white, 2019

The making of ...

a technical challenge on a warp leftover

Why a warp leftover?

Weavers Collective Metamorphosis is working on a new group artwork, "Planetarium", for the Textile Festival 2020 in Leiden (13 - 16 May 2020). A photo will follow, because the artwork is not yet finished!


However, the starting point is that all members of the collective weave with the same material; black cassette tape in the warp and white cassette tape in the weft. Three strips of 2 m long and 45 cm wide.


Because this particular material is very difficult to weave, I thought I would have to tie the warp again after every 2 m strip and I took this into account when winding the warp. Because the warp tension remained surprisingly good, I was able to weave all strips in one go. At the end some 1.5 m of warp remained, the warp leftover or residue.

Basic shapes

For the group work that will hang high in the Pieterskerk, I wanted to weave the largest possible forms; so a 32 shaft point threading. For the basic shapes I chose the triangle, the circle and the square. The weft is fairly thick white cotton, all kinds of leftovers.


It seemed an interesting exercise to weave gradual transitions from one shape to the other; from triangle to circle, from circle to square and from square back to triangle.

from triangle to circle

from circle to square

from square to triangle

Triptych on the National Weaving Day

When the exercise or brain teaser was finished I made it into a triptych and submitted it for the "Black and White +?" competition on the National Weaving Day on 9 November 2019 in Barneveld. To my great surprise, I won the audience prize! Thank you for the votes!

The workpiece is 55 cm high and 3 x 40 cm wide.