Curving triangle, 2019

The making of ...

a workpiece for the competition of the Textiel Plus Festival in Den Bosch

Theme and preselection

The theme of this competition is "With heart and soul: give colour to your passion".

All textile art is welcome and there is a preselection and judging. Anyone can submit photos of maximum of 50 x 50 cm.

Out of the 133 entries, 78 were selected for the second round of the competition from 14 to 16 November in the Brabanthallen in Den Bosch. And my entry "Curving triangle" was one of them!


What fascinates me are repetitive abstract elements that suggest movement and depth or even optically misleading the eye. To arrange these elements in colour and texture in shifting, but repetitive patterns, within the limited possibilities of an eight-shaft loom, I find very exciting.


The triangles are formed by the chosen colours and are visible or not visible in different spots of the woven fabric. Red and orange give the work dynamism and thus contribute to the suggestion of the round shape. To reinforce this suggestion, I molded the shapes into the fabric with a textile hardener.



The work is woven, technique plain weave with thick and thin yarn. The yarn used is wool, cotton and linen. The fabric is modeled with textile hardener and then stretched and stapled on a stretcher. The workpiece is 45 x 45 cm.