Córdoba grid, 2018

The making of ...

a piece inspired by Michael Wolf's photo series "Architecture of density", seen in the Photo Museum in The Hague, in combination with the Spanish city of Córdoba, in particular the Mezquita.

Inspiration: Architecture of density, Michael Wolf

Inspiration: Córdoba, Mezquita, Spain

Design with what is available

I made this collage during a particularly cold and wet spring holiday in Córdoba in April 2018.


Because the weather was not so good, we had to spent time in our apartment and I made this design with 

the resources I had at my disposal; a writing pad, a mini paint set and some old magazines.

Buildings, Riley in Metz 2012, handwoven, weaving

Designing, the sequel

At the same time I draw the design in the Excel spreadsheet program and in the Winweef weaving program. The latter requires some simplifications until it fits within the 32 shafts of my loom.


Yarn choice

The warp is the same as the one from the previous work, "Riley on the move"; Fårö Nm 6/1 wool from Borgs, Mora Nm 18/2 wool also from Borgs and 30/2 Merino from Zurcher Stalder, in a colour gradient from light blue to dark blue to purple to lilac. The second warp (double weave!) consists of all kinds of qualities and thicknesses of linen from Bockens and Lino Flandrica from Bart & Francis in a colour gradient from dark brown to beige to light green.


For the weft in the woolen warp I chose 10 colours of wool and woven these in 10 cm strips. Six shades of blue wool, equal to the warp colour and four shades of green wool, that do not occur in the warp. The weft of the second warp, the linen warp, consists of five colour strips, four colours from the warp supplemented with dark green.

Weaving technique

De weaving technique is double weave. The woolen warp is woven in the Summer & Winter technique, but without tabby. The linen warp is woven in plain weave.

The final result

The woven cloth is stretched on a wooden framework and measures 115 x 135 cm.